Cultural Experiences...

You know you're in Holland when...

...Cheese is eaten with everything..including cookies
...There is more places to park bikes than cars
...Roads are in theory wide enough for two cars but only have room for one when bike paths are taken into account
...Smiling and Nodding become an American's way of life
...Mail and pizzas are delivered on bicycles!
...Applesauce is found amongst the canned vegetables, not the canned fruit!
...You can’t pop into the grocery store (or many other stores for that matter) between Saturday around 6 pm until Monday at 1 pm
...You make people nervous if you don’t drink tea or coffee when you go to their house
...baseball is a sport attempted at: not played
...people can't pronounce the word 'ducky'without it sounding like 'thucky'
...one liter of gas costs more than a gallon
...people know your American because of the tennis shoes on your feet
...pranks are new
...It's ok to miss class without getting in trouble
...rain is like oxygen
...Russian Rummy is considered a sport
...explaning what platypus are tends to be difficult
...you bump into someone accidentally and they look at you funny if you say sorry
And finally, you know you are in Holland when someone is shocked as you tell them you are from Texas and that you don't own a horse

I borrowed this idea from some other missionaries over here. www.thechapmans.nl
As for everything else, it is going well. I am just waiting for the pace to pick up a little bit. Loving and missing you all. Alicia


At 5:06 AM, Blogger Brent said...

Actually, the Dutch are putting a lot of emphasis on baseball since it became an Olympic sport and they finish well in world cup tournaments. Maybe it's just Alkmaar.

And I thought Alberthein was open for a little while on Sunday and Monday mornings...

At 12:25 AM, Blogger spartacus21 said...

Well, i was watching the scouting kids try to play baseball the other day and they throw it up to themselves since they can't bat and after about 20 min. they also discovered they couldn't throw so they started kicking the tennis ball. As for the AH, there is one open on sunday but it is 35 min. away. monday morning...nope. but yeah, i guess if i ever really needed something that bad i could find it!

At 2:48 PM, Blogger kaylah said...

yeah!! russian rummy!!! woot!!!


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