If you would like a copy of my final letter and have not recieved one...please contact me by commenting that you would like one. Thanks, Alicia


Grand Finale

This will be my last Dutch post due to internet access and the fact i leave to go to Texas in one week. It's weird to think my time here has come to an end. I have no regrets, for what i have been through, God has used and taught me to grow and develoup closer to him. I had a farewell dinner last night with the Hays family since they leave to Scotland and i will not see them after. I don't feel sad to say goodbye. i've had lots of practice with this reality over the years. God sure has a way of using our past to prepare us for the future. I can't wait to come back here. Thank you all so much for everything. I couldn't have ever made it without. In HIS grace, alicia "God's bond-servant"


Missing you by Big Dismal

These lyrics express exactly how i feel about saying goodbye over here..the fact i bought the cd for 4euros yesterday helps a little too!

I don’t want to say goodbye
I can see the fear inside your eyes
It’s so hard to walk away

I know that this feels like the end
Life never seems to let you win
But I’ll be back someday

I’m already missing you
But I’m not even gone
In time we’ll be together again
And it won’t be long

Now everything goes up and down
And the world keeps spinning round and round
And still you’re waiting there

I’ll try to make it another night
And dream of you when I close my eyes
‘Cause I’ll be back someday
Just hold it in
Don’t let it go
You’ll always live
Inside my soul


Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls
Originally uploaded by baseballchick903.
The beauty of Switzerland was seen as i went to the EUNC graduation with Delaja, Guido, and Jean last week. God is amazing with a paintbrush!


Swirling tales

I don't have too much time but i just wanted to let all of you know from me before you heard it through the grapevine. I am currently in Switzerland. Yes, myself, guido, delaja, and jean did get in a car accident on the way here but we are all fine. God protected us as on the Autobahn we were only traveling at 40km/hr in stop and go traffic. Guido had a cut on his head and is now fine and the rest of us are just still tired and slightly sour. We cannot get the car repaired here so we will be here longer planning on taking the train on sat. All is good. God is SO good. I'll be back to my duties in Dutch-land soon enough. As for now, i am looking forward to talking with Jean, Guido and Delaja about what all is going on in there lives and what is to come in the future. In HIS hands, Alicia



Youth Weekend

This past weekend was amazing! Youth Contact went to Belguim to spend a few days away from everything. The lessons were great (and i could comprehend most of the dutch!) The games were fun, the people were great, and the conversations were ones that definately have eternal value. I thank God so much for my new found friends and rediscovered ones. Ifyou go to the EKV link on thispage you can seemy photos on the photo album. They are worth seeing. Praise the LORD! Poeple are growing so much it is amazing! Selah.


Seeing Through HIS Eyes...

The challange of the christian life is not putting God in His place, but letting HIM sit there in our lives...

We all have a void in our lives of various types and degrees.

I really don't know exactly what i want to do in life. I like photography. I love youth. On tuesday, i was in a meeting with Ariel, Durk and Elly and we were planning the younger youth weekend. I had a blast! it wasn't your usual boring meetings i got accustomed to at Blockbuster or Alliance. It was seeing God through the hearts of this couple and spending time in fellowship and service at once. You can't ask for more than that. Last night at our wednesday night group we went through a Max Lucado book about 5 siblings searching to please God. one little girl only had her heart to offer and yet she is the one who had time to see the king. We went around saying our talents and what we wanted to improve on. what struck me the most is from two of the guys in our group. I see them as ready to step up and lead. i want to kind of push them out there and try it so that they can see for themselves how good they are with God on their sides. And then i also remember back to sophomore year. I was terrified in that room and was so glad stacy bone was by my side. they both complement each other so much. both being bilingual which is awesome for interns and summer groups. One has a desire to lead but wants a second hand man...the other wants to be that second hand man but has such a heart for others and listening and is great one-on-one with others.

God is just continuing to amaze me. The best thing about these guys is that they are seeking God first in these decisons to come. we should all keep that in mind. Funny how God uses people. maybe more often we should just ket God be who He is and not try to mold him into how we see him. perhaps we need to first fix our view of God and then we will see Him for who He is and not have to change our mindset that much. Perhaps to do that we should stop pondering how or asking others why and simply spend time with Him and His living word. perhaps i am going to do just that right now.


"she's saying catch your breath...but then, i'm afraid they'll be nothing left."

God is so amazing.

Things have been very crazy lately with everything coming up very soon. Our wed. night group met last night and i am truly enjoying it. I had another appointment cancelled today but i'm trying to get used to it. I did buy a new bike this past week to replace my stolen one. On saturday we held a suprise party for alexa a month in advance just so that she wouldn't suspect anything so i was distracting her while we filmed my senior video. I wrapped up my english bible study on tuesday and am looking forward to our scouting outing tomorrow. Four members of the group are in a band named Further Finish is playing at a local school tomorrow night. This sat. is queen's day so i get to experience my first true dutch holiday. God is teaching me so much and i am so honored to be able to call myself his own. Take care, Alicia


Alls great in'it

Well, in case you couldn't tell...

Right now i am almost halfway through with my Holland adventures. Because of a pact with the European Union, US visitors are only allowed in for 3 months so i am in Rugby, England right now visiting my old photojournalism teacher. Things these past few weeks have been so crazy. Last wed. went very well as it is a topic that tending to hit close to home for so many members. We played soccer at scouting on friday..well i attempted...and had 2 guys walk up and join us and then decide to stay for Ariel's lesson too. the church directory is almost finished and things are still so busy for me right now. I haven't had a free day in a while but i am loving it. My college is decided...Arizona State. Lately God has been teaching me a lot and i'm both scared and excited to see what he has in store with this. My parents come in two weeks and are leading scouting which will be a very nice break for ariel as i am leading games and he is doing the study. I went to Ilse's soccer game this past week which was a lot of fun and then there was a movie, pool, frisbee, and ALOT of talks with certain people of whom i will ask you to pray for. Things are still tight financially though so i am thankful to those of you who have already stepped up. my week is full and even now i have editing to do. check out www.hollandpics.tk for my latest shots! I'll be in touch, Alicia


Blij Blij BLIJ!!!

ik ben zoooo blij!

Esther who i met last time and i have just talked for the first time and she is joining youth contact for this evening's movie night! I have been pretty busy lately and these next few weeks are not showing any sign of slowing down. Next week, i have to go leave the country because it is my halfway mark. I am leading the youth contact small group tomorrow and will attempt to shove everything i learned about moving from head to heart into an hour study. I am ready to type and yet nothing is really coming to mind. Ariel and i are meeting weekly and trying to help each other with all that is going on in our lives. I am the unofficial official further finish band photographer now and am doing a photo shoot for them on friday before scouting. staff meeting tomorrow. soccer game thursday...and the cycle goes on... love you all, -the misplaced texan


Just Breathe

Last Friday was awesome!

I got the opertunity to lead scouting after a team leaders' day out near rotterdam. there was a renactment of the spanish defeat by the dutch and then we came back in time to have a great night in God's words. I still have not purchased a new bike and am hessitant to do so without more search in an effort to try and find a cheap yet good-working bike. Our wed. night 40 days group has decided to continue meeting so last night was our first topical discussion night and we talked about respect to parents. I think it went well and yet it still seemed to be lacking something. The church directory is nearing completion so that is encouraging. I'm in the process of trying to brainstorm more plans for outreach and fellowship for scouting. the youth contact soccer tournament is 8 may so pray for outreach in that as well as outstanding participation. i am still about 600 short overall but am still relying on Gods hand for that. Two days after i leave in July the Philadelphia team is coming and i am helping organize some items for them. Pray that we will have an overwhelming response for participation in their leadership training tehy are holding..particularly with youth contact members as we are still relying on God to provide someone to step up there for when Mattias, Ariel, and myself leave.
Thanks again for all the prayers and support...i cannot express what hearing your concern means to me. -alicia


Bro and Cuz

check out here for Justin and Joran's band site..more soon

i'll try to write more soon..thanks for all of your encouragement...may he continue to bless you all to be a blessing


Simplistic Chaos

Maria has been here this past week and I loved watching Justin and Joran's reaction to the geheim/suprise.

THe last meeting of our wed. night group went so well. We all want to continue meeting weekly but are trying to figure out in what way we can meet. Afterwards, we went out to the beach to catch up on each other's lives and spend time together. Thursday we hung out around downtown Alkmaar, Friday was Haarlem and then cell at night. The sound didn't work and since Ariel was at the good friday service, Durk and I were left to act out what we did in the video. It was interesting to say the least. Sunday was Easter as i am sure you all know...it was my job to cook that night so after a few hours of football, climbing trees, and goofing around...youth contact began with two chickens, mashed potatoes, greenbeans, applemos, bread, and 40 develed eggs! It went well as we had the most people attend that i have ever seen! I hope Ariel's lesson continues to stir questions in everyone's heart over this next week.
The down side--well let me describe:It is past 1 in the morning. A slight mist hovers over the scouting building. I look at my watch discouraged to know that in 6 hours i must get up to prepare Maria for the trip to the airport. I lock the door and praise God for Peggy's heart and generosity that she would volunteer to drive Maria and myself back to Egmond to let us gain an extra 35 min of sleep. I turned around ready to throw my bike on the back of Peggy's car when i realize there is no bike to strap on. Stolen. Go figure, my bike luck this trip hasn't been so grand up to now so why should last night have been any different. The incident that cost me 200 euros extra has now taken away the purchased bike. Pray for additional funds and for trust in God's providence through these trials. After a long day in Amsterdam and the airport today, i have to prepare for yet another crazy busy week here in this slow-moving country. God grant me rest and endurance. Thank You for the gift and demonstration you have given.

May He continue to bless you all to be a blessing
In HIS Grace -Alicia


Say I believe, what what...

This goes out to all the hip-hoppers...

Last week was AWESOME! Dave and Smoove from the band Agape were here all last week and man i had so much fun. Those guys truly have a heart for God even if they don't know exactly what to do when it comes to other cultural styles. The concert went very well and I think it made a lasting impact in lives. We kept Agape busy from playing at a school, then the big concert last thursday, as well as some tourist travels and leading both Scouting or "The Attic" and Youth Contact. I think it was truly great for both groups to get a new unbiased perspective on some continuing situations and questions. I was amazed to see the response God placed on hearts in that room especially during the Youth Contact conversations. It was benificial to me as well personally to get a refreshed view on life through these guys eyes and I was discouraged about my lacking advancement in language study however with the 'fresh meat' i noticed how i have improved since januari.
Maria MacGilvra arrived today and this week is the last for the 40 days campaign however our youth contact group is having a pizza party at my place on wed. and we are all enjoying it so much we want to continue meeting in some way. On friday i start meeting with Alexa and Ilse to have our own personal bible study and i hope to start soon with Alexandria in continuation of our English tuesday studies. Ariel and i are starting to grow close in our ability to talk openly about our faith with each other and encouraging each other (at least i hopefully think so) by letting each other know we are not alone. Alexa has just cooked an Indonese meal so i better go. May He continue to bless each of you to be a blessing. In HIS grace, Alicia


Step by Step...

Wow, God is truly amazing me.

I hope i am in the last stages of sickness as this next week is very busy for me. This morning, i picked up Dave and his DJ from the airport in Amsterdam. Alexa is now sick with what i had and is missing the majority of her exams. I'm trying to take care of her as well as Dave and Mark by biking between Alkmaar and Heiloo. Tomorrow i am leading our 40 days small group since Mattias is in America and Ariel can't. The concert is thursday and that is what is mainly flooding my mind. I am a little concerned financially as i said before since the plane tickets cost way more than the deal i thought i had 'in the bag.' We haven't reached our wanted number of ticket sales yet we have sold over 60 to a group of Greeks over here for a week as exchange students. PLEASE pray for the concert and all i have on scheduale for Dave and Mark to do over this next week that they might glorify God to the fullest. Also pray for financial things to be taken care of and if you wish to give more to this Dutch cause then give my parent's a tax-deductable check made out to CBC and they will make sure it reaches the right place. Pray for my peace of mind as i tend to favor stressing in these times as well as a full recovery of health. I hope everything is going well over there. May He continue to bless you to be a blessing...In HIS grace, Alicia a.k.a. Gummy


Life As I Know It

Things have been so crazy around here these past few weeks. Youth Contact turned one, It snowed like crazy, and I am in the middle of it all.

EKV is still in the middle of the 40 days campaign and I have been busy preparing for Agape's upcoming concert. I got a new bike last week and completed the Scouting films with Ariel. I have been hanging out with quite a few members of Youth Contact when i can and i am still trying to recover as i have been sick for about a week now. My roommate was gone in Germany for 10 days so I had to get used to being sick and alone i guess! It was so great to see all of the snow here as compared to our Texas slush. I've never been on a ski trip before so biking in this weather proved to be an all new adventure for me.

The concert on 17 maart has been a main concern for me this past week as the plane tickets i thought i could aquire fell through and i had to pay much more than expected for new ones. This may turn out to be a problem eventually so please pray for God's providence. I have been personally missing my 8th graders as i have heard from some of them this past week. I just want you guys to know i am still here if you ever need anything or want to talk. A family i care for very much here is also going through a very difficult time as they have decided to get a divorce. Please pray for comfort for them as they are Christian as well as another friend who is having emotional abuse from her husband. Another person has had someone close pass away and had to fly to another state this past weekend for the funeral.

As for me, i still wish i could be doing more but have been amazed to see what God is doing in my own life and thoughts in preparation for how i can assist others even more. May He bless you to be a blessing --alicia



Is that a song?!? *wink*

So, sundays are my busiest and most consistant days when it comes to my 'workload', Yesterday i got up after not getting, well...as much sleep as i could have, and went to church. The service was fine as we are still continuing the 40 days campaign. (side note: please keep the prayer requests i mentioned last time in mind as well as the fact i am leading youth contact next week!) Ariel and I went to go edit the scouting video for this friday by way of dropping by to cut someone's hair. 50 min. of biking later, we made it to where we were going to video edit. The video looks really good...that's the positive. We started biking back the 50 min. to the scouting building...and then it stuck, like lightning on a crisp night sky, like a whip in dead silence, like...like a bike tire leaking air after you had put four patches on it last week! Yes, the tiger's tire had once again failed in its mission. so here i am, not in egmond but at the hoenderdaals. Waiting until 1pm for the shop to open to buy a new part for my tire. Youth Contact went pretty well last night. and yeah, things are going pretty well. This new guy, Jean, is actually loaning me his dvd player for our scouting party on sat. and just until whenever! yea!!! the great thing is it can play my cd's too! i am so excited. Well, i better start on my trek to De Mare to aquire some bike parts. Doei!


"Turn up the heat while we get this started"

Bounce, let your spirit fly.

Things have been getting pretty busy around here now i guess. sorry for it being a while since i have updated. tuesday was crazy as my bike tire started out without any patches whatsoever and ended up with four new ones! Alexa and I had an interesting time making it back to Heiloo but we did it. The meeting with Atlantis went well as it seems things are starting to come together for Dave and his group to come. Alexa boldly said she was expecting 350 people. wow. that is amazing. Youth contact is now officially translated into english. The 40 days of purpose campaign is fully underway and groups are meeting throughout the week to talk about what this campaign has been teaching them. It is such an encouraging thing to see. Pray that the non-christians going through this course will be challanged in such a way they see God searching for them. Also pray that the Christians going through it may realize their greater purpose to glorify God in all they do. I better run for now. May he bless you to be a blessing. -alicia


Youth Contact

the youth contact website should soon be completely translated into english with updated pictures of what's been going on. Enjoy!



**but then, you assure me, I'm a little more than useless. And when I think that I can't do this. You promise me that I'll get through it and do something right..do something right for once.**

Why is it more of humanity can't accept this as their own cry to God? Right now I am sitting behind a computer at Alexa's school, Jan Arentsz. I can't pronounce it right either so don't ask. She is currently just down the hall giving a 50 minute class on creationism. Yes, she is teaching. Alexa has grown so much this past year it is inspiring. To have the courage and accept this challenge makes me see why I value her friendship so much.
This past Tuesday I was supposed to have a meeting with the owner of Atlantis (the place Dave and his band Agape are playing at in March). Instead, Alexa messed up the dates and the meeting is next week. We ended up making a video for this upcoming Sunday with the 40 days campaign that consists of over 20 different answers from people on the street about what the purpose of their life is. This is why I put Relient K's lyrics on top. So many of the answers were, "happiness", "I never thought about it that way before", or "to see the ladies." And then there was one answer that was both funny and sad. Alexa walked up asking what's the purpose for your life. With a cigarette still burning in between his fingers, the man said, "Jesus...that's a hard question." He went on to say the traditional answer of happiness and work but for a split second he got it. Something yearning inside of him truly wanted to know. I get it now myself, I am starting to feel like I am truly here. Weird eh? I haven't felt like I am actually here yet. Out of body experience? No. I just can't really describe it.
I've had such a blast working with photography for the church's website and helping with all these films for both Sunday, as well as, for Scouting. The knowledge Herbst and everyone electronically has helped me with is coming into so much use. I'm still trying to figure out what to do about picture space but I'll hopefully have a new site up and running soon with more space. Things are starting to pick up the pace a little bit around here as I am getting more settled in. It was a little disappointing because I am trying to get back in touch with contacts who I saw last time I was here and it turns out eh main girl I wanted to talk with, Maria, is currently in Africa until May! Oh well, God's plans far out-see our own I guess.
May He bless you to be a blessing, Alicia


Cultural Experiences...

You know you're in Holland when...

...Cheese is eaten with everything..including cookies
...There is more places to park bikes than cars
...Roads are in theory wide enough for two cars but only have room for one when bike paths are taken into account
...Smiling and Nodding become an American's way of life
...Mail and pizzas are delivered on bicycles!
...Applesauce is found amongst the canned vegetables, not the canned fruit!
...You can’t pop into the grocery store (or many other stores for that matter) between Saturday around 6 pm until Monday at 1 pm
...You make people nervous if you don’t drink tea or coffee when you go to their house
...baseball is a sport attempted at: not played
...people can't pronounce the word 'ducky'without it sounding like 'thucky'
...one liter of gas costs more than a gallon
...people know your American because of the tennis shoes on your feet
...pranks are new
...It's ok to miss class without getting in trouble
...rain is like oxygen
...Russian Rummy is considered a sport
...explaning what platypus are tends to be difficult
...you bump into someone accidentally and they look at you funny if you say sorry
And finally, you know you are in Holland when someone is shocked as you tell them you are from Texas and that you don't own a horse

I borrowed this idea from some other missionaries over here. www.thechapmans.nl
As for everything else, it is going well. I am just waiting for the pace to pick up a little bit. Loving and missing you all. Alicia