"Turn up the heat while we get this started"

Bounce, let your spirit fly.

Things have been getting pretty busy around here now i guess. sorry for it being a while since i have updated. tuesday was crazy as my bike tire started out without any patches whatsoever and ended up with four new ones! Alexa and I had an interesting time making it back to Heiloo but we did it. The meeting with Atlantis went well as it seems things are starting to come together for Dave and his group to come. Alexa boldly said she was expecting 350 people. wow. that is amazing. Youth contact is now officially translated into english. The 40 days of purpose campaign is fully underway and groups are meeting throughout the week to talk about what this campaign has been teaching them. It is such an encouraging thing to see. Pray that the non-christians going through this course will be challanged in such a way they see God searching for them. Also pray that the Christians going through it may realize their greater purpose to glorify God in all they do. I better run for now. May he bless you to be a blessing. -alicia


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