"she's saying catch your breath...but then, i'm afraid they'll be nothing left."

God is so amazing.

Things have been very crazy lately with everything coming up very soon. Our wed. night group met last night and i am truly enjoying it. I had another appointment cancelled today but i'm trying to get used to it. I did buy a new bike this past week to replace my stolen one. On saturday we held a suprise party for alexa a month in advance just so that she wouldn't suspect anything so i was distracting her while we filmed my senior video. I wrapped up my english bible study on tuesday and am looking forward to our scouting outing tomorrow. Four members of the group are in a band named Further Finish is playing at a local school tomorrow night. This sat. is queen's day so i get to experience my first true dutch holiday. God is teaching me so much and i am so honored to be able to call myself his own. Take care, Alicia


Alls great in'it

Well, in case you couldn't tell...

Right now i am almost halfway through with my Holland adventures. Because of a pact with the European Union, US visitors are only allowed in for 3 months so i am in Rugby, England right now visiting my old photojournalism teacher. Things these past few weeks have been so crazy. Last wed. went very well as it is a topic that tending to hit close to home for so many members. We played soccer at scouting on friday..well i attempted...and had 2 guys walk up and join us and then decide to stay for Ariel's lesson too. the church directory is almost finished and things are still so busy for me right now. I haven't had a free day in a while but i am loving it. My college is decided...Arizona State. Lately God has been teaching me a lot and i'm both scared and excited to see what he has in store with this. My parents come in two weeks and are leading scouting which will be a very nice break for ariel as i am leading games and he is doing the study. I went to Ilse's soccer game this past week which was a lot of fun and then there was a movie, pool, frisbee, and ALOT of talks with certain people of whom i will ask you to pray for. Things are still tight financially though so i am thankful to those of you who have already stepped up. my week is full and even now i have editing to do. check out www.hollandpics.tk for my latest shots! I'll be in touch, Alicia


Blij Blij BLIJ!!!

ik ben zoooo blij!

Esther who i met last time and i have just talked for the first time and she is joining youth contact for this evening's movie night! I have been pretty busy lately and these next few weeks are not showing any sign of slowing down. Next week, i have to go leave the country because it is my halfway mark. I am leading the youth contact small group tomorrow and will attempt to shove everything i learned about moving from head to heart into an hour study. I am ready to type and yet nothing is really coming to mind. Ariel and i are meeting weekly and trying to help each other with all that is going on in our lives. I am the unofficial official further finish band photographer now and am doing a photo shoot for them on friday before scouting. staff meeting tomorrow. soccer game thursday...and the cycle goes on... love you all, -the misplaced texan


Just Breathe

Last Friday was awesome!

I got the opertunity to lead scouting after a team leaders' day out near rotterdam. there was a renactment of the spanish defeat by the dutch and then we came back in time to have a great night in God's words. I still have not purchased a new bike and am hessitant to do so without more search in an effort to try and find a cheap yet good-working bike. Our wed. night 40 days group has decided to continue meeting so last night was our first topical discussion night and we talked about respect to parents. I think it went well and yet it still seemed to be lacking something. The church directory is nearing completion so that is encouraging. I'm in the process of trying to brainstorm more plans for outreach and fellowship for scouting. the youth contact soccer tournament is 8 may so pray for outreach in that as well as outstanding participation. i am still about 600 short overall but am still relying on Gods hand for that. Two days after i leave in July the Philadelphia team is coming and i am helping organize some items for them. Pray that we will have an overwhelming response for participation in their leadership training tehy are holding..particularly with youth contact members as we are still relying on God to provide someone to step up there for when Mattias, Ariel, and myself leave.
Thanks again for all the prayers and support...i cannot express what hearing your concern means to me. -alicia


Bro and Cuz

check out here for Justin and Joran's band site..more soon

i'll try to write more soon..thanks for all of your encouragement...may he continue to bless you all to be a blessing