Seeing Through HIS Eyes...

The challange of the christian life is not putting God in His place, but letting HIM sit there in our lives...

We all have a void in our lives of various types and degrees.

I really don't know exactly what i want to do in life. I like photography. I love youth. On tuesday, i was in a meeting with Ariel, Durk and Elly and we were planning the younger youth weekend. I had a blast! it wasn't your usual boring meetings i got accustomed to at Blockbuster or Alliance. It was seeing God through the hearts of this couple and spending time in fellowship and service at once. You can't ask for more than that. Last night at our wednesday night group we went through a Max Lucado book about 5 siblings searching to please God. one little girl only had her heart to offer and yet she is the one who had time to see the king. We went around saying our talents and what we wanted to improve on. what struck me the most is from two of the guys in our group. I see them as ready to step up and lead. i want to kind of push them out there and try it so that they can see for themselves how good they are with God on their sides. And then i also remember back to sophomore year. I was terrified in that room and was so glad stacy bone was by my side. they both complement each other so much. both being bilingual which is awesome for interns and summer groups. One has a desire to lead but wants a second hand man...the other wants to be that second hand man but has such a heart for others and listening and is great one-on-one with others.

God is just continuing to amaze me. The best thing about these guys is that they are seeking God first in these decisons to come. we should all keep that in mind. Funny how God uses people. maybe more often we should just ket God be who He is and not try to mold him into how we see him. perhaps we need to first fix our view of God and then we will see Him for who He is and not have to change our mindset that much. Perhaps to do that we should stop pondering how or asking others why and simply spend time with Him and His living word. perhaps i am going to do just that right now.


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Kaleb said...

I really like what you have to say about not putting God in his place but about letting him sit in our midsts. Your statement reminds me of John 3:3 - He must become greater and we must become less.


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