"she's saying catch your breath...but then, i'm afraid they'll be nothing left."

God is so amazing.

Things have been very crazy lately with everything coming up very soon. Our wed. night group met last night and i am truly enjoying it. I had another appointment cancelled today but i'm trying to get used to it. I did buy a new bike this past week to replace my stolen one. On saturday we held a suprise party for alexa a month in advance just so that she wouldn't suspect anything so i was distracting her while we filmed my senior video. I wrapped up my english bible study on tuesday and am looking forward to our scouting outing tomorrow. Four members of the group are in a band named Further Finish is playing at a local school tomorrow night. This sat. is queen's day so i get to experience my first true dutch holiday. God is teaching me so much and i am so honored to be able to call myself his own. Take care, Alicia


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