Why go left?

Have you ever seen a sight that made you want to take a step back and just smile?

Today we started filming our our videos for scouting(12-18-yr-olds) in order to have them for the 40 days of purpose dates. It was so much fun and it also gave me the chance to whip out my Nikon for the first time and yet it happened to rain on us! Don't worry-the camera was fine. I was supposed to have meeting with the owner of Atlantis, the place Dave Scheer and his band Agape are playing at, but the guy apparently forgot so i went out with Alexa to get a cell phone. The phone won't be ready until Monday afternoon though. Why it takes so long i still don't get but i guess that's dutch time scheduale for you. Findind the way around here to a lot of places is rough and as the Hays will be gone this weekend i won't be able to update again for a while. I still am constantly tired and miss all things american maybe too much at times. Like mt truck. I can envision it sitting out in front yearning to be used by an 18-yr-old with a liscense. Ready to take Bat Girl and Door Stop to pick up another lighter on our way to 4-bucks to meet the rest of the group as I pick up my free coffee to make everyone else jealous ;) Man I miss my truck! The XBOX still isn't up and running yet either which makes me sad as in my house i can't watch any comforting american dvd's. My roommate is normally gone and we each have our own living areas so the house is really huge. Huge and quiet and far far away..where no one has gone before. Sorry, i've been in a weird mood recently. Anyways i guess i'll keep you all informed as to what's going on..and mom, i know i haven't talked to you since i got here but i'm fine and i'll call as soon as i can.
May HE bless you to be a blessing --Alicia



See in Holland there are these things called polders to bike on...

Things have been settling down a little bit lately but are still quite crazy. We still don't have a stove for the place in Egmond but I fixed the refrigerator plug yesterday meaning I can go out and risk buying groceries to bike a long way back with. I ate at a subway yesterday...not as good as America's but I enjoyed the familiar atmosphere as Ariel and I talked. The house is still quite large and far away (the two things most anti-dutch as far as I know) but it is still fine I guess. To all of your and my surprise I haven't taken a single picture yet! I'm shocking myself but the roads are all icy and slippery so I haven't wanted to risk it yet. Expensive equipment you know?!? My clock is not yet adjusted so I feel like I should be sleeping when really it is almost 4 in the afternoon. I will try to get some pictures of the house on here as soon as I can but a computer access is still something I need to work out. I have enjoyed meeting people who before I only talked to online or have heard of them. It still amuses me to watch someone's face when I tell them I am staying for six months! Maybe I should look in the mirror when I tell myself that but then I would have to go find a mirror so I guess I will just stay here. Yesterday was kinda rough for me as for the first time in 1 1/2 years I was not leading my Tuesday night girls. I miss that position and hope it will arise here soon. The language is still a major difficulty as well as finding my way around so please pray for that. In the mean while, I love you all and may he bless you to be a blessing! Doei, Alicia



Sorry but I haven't had a chance to get to a computer since my arrival. Everything went well and I am alive but things are really crazy right about now. There is currently a snow/sleet outside that is very bad so I am staying the night over at a friend's house until I leave to go back to my place in the morning since it is about a 40 min. bike ride! The house is HUGE! Probably about the size of my own house with my own room and living area. Biking is hard on my knee but I am making due so far. Ma Deb's words of 'feel the burn, love the burn' are my inspiration. I have meetings all week and today we set up the agenda for scouting, which is the 12-18-yr-old youth group. I am unsure as to when I may update this again as getting to a computer is seeming to be a challenge. I love you all and want to thank you for all the support you have shown. I'll be in touch, Alicia


Dr. Cumberdale

Dr. Cumberdale
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You don't know it yet but i'm the real reason you are here. My bags are packed and i'm stowing away tomorrow with Alicia. I'll keep you informed of what's really going on over there. Off to hibernate before the big day. I'll be in touch. ~Dr. Cumberdale


Leavin' On A Jet Plane...

My flight leaves around 4pm on this upcoming Thurs.

Things are finally all coming together with 40 hours to go. Dave and his group Agape are coming March 15-21 to hold a one-week outreach. My house is finalized with Joseba and I will be staying in Egmond with her and one other roommate. The last mid-school tuesday night ended a few hours ago as it was hard saying goodbye to girls I have been blessed to know for almost two years now. All that is left is to say a few more farewells and finish packing my last suitcase...thanks for dropping in. -Alicia


Home Sweet Home...

I first want to thank all of you who made it yesterday to Crossroads or called with encouragement and promises of prayer.

I talked to my missionary contact, Peter Hays, in Holland today. It seems he may have discovered a place for me to stay. I would be staying in a free-standing house with this lady who is in her mid 20s and is a very strong Christian. The house is in Echmond which is about a 20 minuate bike ride to the Hays's house and 15 to their church. In other words that is a pretty good location. It is not set at all or even close but pray that God's will be done as this has arisen as one of my possibilities as a place to stay. Also i am now only $1,000 away!
May He bless you to be a blessing, Alicia


A thought to share...

"Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn't really matter." -- Unknown Missionary