Life As I Know It

Things have been so crazy around here these past few weeks. Youth Contact turned one, It snowed like crazy, and I am in the middle of it all.

EKV is still in the middle of the 40 days campaign and I have been busy preparing for Agape's upcoming concert. I got a new bike last week and completed the Scouting films with Ariel. I have been hanging out with quite a few members of Youth Contact when i can and i am still trying to recover as i have been sick for about a week now. My roommate was gone in Germany for 10 days so I had to get used to being sick and alone i guess! It was so great to see all of the snow here as compared to our Texas slush. I've never been on a ski trip before so biking in this weather proved to be an all new adventure for me.

The concert on 17 maart has been a main concern for me this past week as the plane tickets i thought i could aquire fell through and i had to pay much more than expected for new ones. This may turn out to be a problem eventually so please pray for God's providence. I have been personally missing my 8th graders as i have heard from some of them this past week. I just want you guys to know i am still here if you ever need anything or want to talk. A family i care for very much here is also going through a very difficult time as they have decided to get a divorce. Please pray for comfort for them as they are Christian as well as another friend who is having emotional abuse from her husband. Another person has had someone close pass away and had to fly to another state this past weekend for the funeral.

As for me, i still wish i could be doing more but have been amazed to see what God is doing in my own life and thoughts in preparation for how i can assist others even more. May He bless you to be a blessing --alicia


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