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This goes out to all the hip-hoppers...

Last week was AWESOME! Dave and Smoove from the band Agape were here all last week and man i had so much fun. Those guys truly have a heart for God even if they don't know exactly what to do when it comes to other cultural styles. The concert went very well and I think it made a lasting impact in lives. We kept Agape busy from playing at a school, then the big concert last thursday, as well as some tourist travels and leading both Scouting or "The Attic" and Youth Contact. I think it was truly great for both groups to get a new unbiased perspective on some continuing situations and questions. I was amazed to see the response God placed on hearts in that room especially during the Youth Contact conversations. It was benificial to me as well personally to get a refreshed view on life through these guys eyes and I was discouraged about my lacking advancement in language study however with the 'fresh meat' i noticed how i have improved since januari.
Maria MacGilvra arrived today and this week is the last for the 40 days campaign however our youth contact group is having a pizza party at my place on wed. and we are all enjoying it so much we want to continue meeting in some way. On friday i start meeting with Alexa and Ilse to have our own personal bible study and i hope to start soon with Alexandria in continuation of our English tuesday studies. Ariel and i are starting to grow close in our ability to talk openly about our faith with each other and encouraging each other (at least i hopefully think so) by letting each other know we are not alone. Alexa has just cooked an Indonese meal so i better go. May He continue to bless each of you to be a blessing. In HIS grace, Alicia


At 1:01 PM, Anonymous bat girl said...

I don't know if I would trust her cooking. It could have unexplainable affects. But as long as she doesn't put in mini snickers it should be ok.

At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Lauren Bullock said...

Hey Hey Hey O'Garsha! Whats going on with you?? I havent seen you in like what seems to be forever! I hope that you are having an amazing time in H-dizzle....hehe! Hey send me an email sometime if you get the chance....let me know whats flowing with ya....dont you like my gangster talk...eh...well I dont either but I was just trying it out! Hope to hear from you Garcia-izzle...Bye Now

Lauren Bullock


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