Simplistic Chaos

Maria has been here this past week and I loved watching Justin and Joran's reaction to the geheim/suprise.

THe last meeting of our wed. night group went so well. We all want to continue meeting weekly but are trying to figure out in what way we can meet. Afterwards, we went out to the beach to catch up on each other's lives and spend time together. Thursday we hung out around downtown Alkmaar, Friday was Haarlem and then cell at night. The sound didn't work and since Ariel was at the good friday service, Durk and I were left to act out what we did in the video. It was interesting to say the least. Sunday was Easter as i am sure you all know...it was my job to cook that night so after a few hours of football, climbing trees, and goofing around...youth contact began with two chickens, mashed potatoes, greenbeans, applemos, bread, and 40 develed eggs! It went well as we had the most people attend that i have ever seen! I hope Ariel's lesson continues to stir questions in everyone's heart over this next week.
The down side--well let me describe:It is past 1 in the morning. A slight mist hovers over the scouting building. I look at my watch discouraged to know that in 6 hours i must get up to prepare Maria for the trip to the airport. I lock the door and praise God for Peggy's heart and generosity that she would volunteer to drive Maria and myself back to Egmond to let us gain an extra 35 min of sleep. I turned around ready to throw my bike on the back of Peggy's car when i realize there is no bike to strap on. Stolen. Go figure, my bike luck this trip hasn't been so grand up to now so why should last night have been any different. The incident that cost me 200 euros extra has now taken away the purchased bike. Pray for additional funds and for trust in God's providence through these trials. After a long day in Amsterdam and the airport today, i have to prepare for yet another crazy busy week here in this slow-moving country. God grant me rest and endurance. Thank You for the gift and demonstration you have given.

May He continue to bless you all to be a blessing
In HIS Grace -Alicia


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